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Pirelli PZero Corsa Tire

Pirelli PZero Corsa Tire

Pirelli PZero Corsa Tire priced from $181.00 to $335.00. The P Zero Corsa is Pirelli's DOT-legal Competition tire primarily developed for use on high performance cars at drivers' schools and lapping days conducted on race tracks. The P Zero Corsa incorporates Pirelli's racing experience to enhance driving satisfaction at the limits of performance.On the outside, The P Zero Corsa uses a high hysteresis tread compound that transfers the vehicle's horsepower to a dry track by developing inspiring grip at high tread temperatures. This tread compound is molded into a unique asymmetric and directional tread pattern that features a sturdy outer shoulder to provide lateral stability and cornering grip, while grooves in the tire's central and inner tread areas enhance wet track handling and braking. The P Zero Corsa's asymmetric and directional tread design requires separate "left" and "right" side tires for the vehicle as branded on each tire's sidewall. On the inside, the P ...



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